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  • What platforms are your scenery’s available on?
    All our sceneries are available in different sims and you can see which ones by reading the product description and viewing the icons present on the product page. However, it really is dependent on the developer and what SDK (developer tools) they have access to produce the models. For example, if a developer has the SDK for xplane only, then their product will not be available in FSX.
  • Where does my money go?
    We will donate the all funds generated from sales and donation to the allocated charity. If there are transfer costs involved by Paypal, then we will deduct those from the total. However, it is important to important to point out, that no money’s raised go towards the running of the website or development costs. Craig Pays for hosting costs out of his own pocket and the developers work for free.
  • What charity will my purchase go to?
    That depends on the product you purchase. The concept of the charity scenery project is simple; we will donate to a registered charity in the location of the scenery. For example, Vanguard Helipad is in London the UK. Therefore, we are donating all proceeds to the London Air Ambulance which is run as a service by charitable donations. Information on the associated Charites is available on the product pages.
  • Can i share the products?
    In short..... NO. While this is donationware, the license for the product sits with the developer and is distributed under set conditions and to be fair . . . if you do decide to share it or use the scenery without a donation...... well you are only harming the charities and the people they support and let’s be honest....... all our scenery is priced at £1...... if you can afford to play flight sim, you can afford £1.
  • How to Install - P3Dv4
    1. Download and place the folder on your desktop 2. Open the folder and copy the “RLH” (for exmaple) folder located in download. 3. Go to your P3DV4 addons section (C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons) and paste the folder into this folder. 4. Open the newly created folder and locate the “effects” folder. Copy and Paste the files in this folder into the “effects” folder that is located in the main P3Dv4 install directory. 5. Start the sim and load any other airport or heliport - DO NOT load directly on the helipad as you will fall though. Once you have loaded up, then transfer the helicopter by searching for QRLH and selecting H1. 6. Off you go.
  • I cannot see my scenery after install
    Make sure that your chosen scenery is above any orbx or land class scenerys in the add on scenery menu in P3D or FSX. This is the main reason why scenery does not display. You can move the scenery up the list by selecting it and clicking move up on the list. If you still have a problem please let us know and we will help.
  • I cannot load on the heliport or pad, i always seem to fall through the pad"
    Make sure you load at another aiport first and then load back onto the heliport/helipad. This should fix the problem.
  • Where can i get help with your products
    You can e-mail us, facebook us, facebook messager us or pur prefered option is via our forums. We are here to help, but there might be a delay in answering - so please bear with us.
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