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Who are we?

The Charity Scenery Project is a donation ware project backed by a small number of Xplane and P3D developers that focuses on heliports/Pads from around the world - Our scenery's are primarily designed for P3Dv4 and Xplane. All funds generated from sales and donations (minus transfer costs) are passed on to a designated charity in the location of the scenery.


Craig The Founder:

I am from London in the UK, married, keen diver and have kids. I have been flying in flight sim for many years. I remember the days when planes where just sticks on a green screen. I am more of a rotor pilot than a fixed wing pilot and have real life hours in both. I have been fortunate to see the hobby grow over time to crisp flight dynamics of today. The progression and journey still amazes me to this day and the future looks mind blowing with the recent introduction on VR. I will mainly be supporting the rotor world by making heliports and missing pads. But, never say never! I am always looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to come and support the project. So if you are interested please do get in contact.

Happy flying . . . and thank you for stopping by.


Bradley has many hats that he wears. Father to a Dancer, Husband to a Goddess, writer of reviews and now converter of sceneries. He hopes to create his own Helicopter sceneries as well as finish 2 helicopter projects for X-Plane as well in 2019.


I'm Ally, a former RAF engineer turned Train Driver from Swansea. I've been into Flight Sims since the release of FS98, particularly anything with helicopters. I've been a user of X-Plane 11 for the past 18 months and started to create my own scenery after being inspired by the CS project's offerings as helicopter specific scenery was a bit thin on the ground for the UK.

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